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Shinano Kenshi Corporation (SKC) Products

SKC products

SKC is a worldwide industry leader for precision motors. Specialization includes stepper motors, DC brushless, servo motors, and customized motor assemblies. SKC develops more custom assemblies than any competitor in North America.

SKC factories develop and manufacture about 2.5 million brushless DC motors and over 2 million stepper motors every month. SKC stepper motors are used by major manufacturers around the globe and can be found in automobiles, medical devices, security surveillance, digital office equipment, PC peripherals, telecommunications, robotics, factory automation, gaming devices, bar code printing technologies, and more.

Many of the world's best companies choose Shinano Kenshi Corporation as their top supplier. SKC stepper motors have outperformed the competition for one simple reason: exceptional people bringing to market the best products and finest service in the industry.

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