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DC Brushless Fan Motor

Shicoh DC brushless fan motor

The Shicoh DC Brushless fan motor uses a “coreless” design which keeps the ball bearing properly loaded, so whatever the orientation of the fan, it will work efficiently and quietly, maintaining the maximum life of the fan, even at elevated temperatures. Shicoh’s DC Brushless fan motor line comes in sizes ranging from 20x20 mm by 8.2 mm thick up through 60x60x20 mm. PIK Power keeps many styles of Shicoh DC Brushless fan motors in stock in our Connecticut warehouse for quick delivery and small minimum order quantities.

Available DC Brushless fan motor sizes:

  • 20x20x8 mm
  • 25x25x10.2 mm
  • 30x30x6 mm
  • 30x30x10.2 mm
  • 40x40x6.4 mm
  • 40x40x10 mm
  • 40x40x20 mm
  • 50x50x10 mm
  • 60x60x10 mm
  • 60x60x15 mm
  • 60x60x20 mm

Request a quote today for the DC brushless fan motor you need, or contact PIK Power for more information.

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