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Cooltron Products

Cooltron fans & other products

Cooltron Fans

COOLTRON's popular cooling products are tube-axial industrial cooling fans, blowers, fan accessories, and heat-sinks. They offer value-added services like twisting lead wires, adding connectors or fan trays, and thermal engineering, design, and testing. 

There's wide selection of COOLTRON blowers, brushless DC fans, and inductive AC fans. Sizes from 15~254 mm; thickness from 6~89 mm; voltage from DC 3.3V, 5V, 12V, 24V, 48V to AC 110V, 220V; and dual voltage, ball, sleeve, or hybrid; wire lead or terminal; auto restart protection; locked rotor alarm; speed sensor (tachometer); and temperature controlled speed. COOLTRON fan accessories include finger guard (wire or plastic), dust filter kit, power cords (standard or daisy chain type), and aluminum/stainless EMI/RFI filters.

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