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Transformers and Inductors

Transformers and Inductors

International Coil can take care of your custom magnetics needs:

  • Fast turnaround of prototypes to help you meet on-time delivery
  • Power transformersguaranteed to have outstanding quality and competitive prices
  • Offshore manufacturing

A wide range of applications include:

  • Switching power supplies of OEM's
  • Consumer and audio applications
  • EMI line filters, toroid, E-cores, U-cores and ET-cores
  • Telecom
  • Datacom
  • Medical Instrumentation

Our power transformers are built to meet wide range of power levels, with 100% testing guaranteed and UL, IEC, and VED compliance. We offer a wide variety of shapes and sizes, surface mount and through-hole assemblies, and automatic winding equipment to assure top quality compliance.

Toroids available in materials such as:

  • Ferrite
  • Powdered Iron
  • Molypermalloy
  • Tape Wound
  • Steel

Coils can be supplied as specified:

  • Varnish impregnated
  • Mounted on wide variety of headers
  • Sectional windings and proper spacing for any requirement

Request a quote today for the power transformers and power inductors you need, or contact PIK Power for more information.

Transformers and Inductors
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