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Screw Terminal Capacitors

Screw Terminal Capacitors

KAP Technology supply a quality range of Screw Terminal capacitors for the industrial market, supported by short lead times and excellent customer service.

A comprehensive range of standard product types are available covering a range of characteristics such as long life, low ESR, high ripple current capability, high temperature and high CV.

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Series Description Temp Life Hrs. Voltage Range
SCREW TERMINAL Plain and Stud Mounted
 KA  General Purpose Compact    85°C  15,000   16V -  500V DC
 KB  General Purpose Extended Sizes    85°C  15,000  350V - 450V DC
 KD  Professional Long Life    85°C  20,000  350V - 550V DC
 KG  Low E.S.R. high ripple capability    85°C  15,000  350V - 450V DC
 KI   High Vibration capability    85°C  15,000   16V  - 500V DC
 KE  Imperial sizes high CV    85°C    2,000  400V - 450V DC
 KC  Professional High Temperature  105°C    5,000    16V - 450V DC
 KH  Low E.S.R. high ripple capability  105°C    5,000  350V - 450V DC
 KJ  High Vibration capability  105°C    5,000    16V - 450V DC
 KF  Strobe - Charge / Discharge    70°C    400V - 500V DC
 KK  Professional Audio Applications    85°C  15,000    63V - 100V DC